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Over the last few years, Interior Designing is one of the most demanded career option by students. Even the market need some excellent stars for the field.While looking for Interior Designing courses in Chandigarh, students have a mindset to select the best institution for study & practical work.

When it comes to the quality of education, Indian Fashion Institute is the name recognized for best interior designing courses in Chandigarh. Indian Fashion Institute offers a vast practicals range to explore your interior designing skills & career. Students are served with a high tech campus, library & WiFi facilities to provide an environment beyond their assumptions for best institution that can fulfill their dreams of becoming the successful interior designer. With an opportunity for flexible courses, batch timings in diploma & masters degree in interior designing, students can persue the best suitable courses.

Role of Excavation and fillings in Interior Designing Courses

Degree in Interior Designing: Excavation is the removal of earth from the ground level to the depth below for the foundation. Before construction foundation, we should calculate the depth to be dug from existing ground level for the construction of the foundation. The depth depends on the type of building and type of foundation. The depth can vary from 5 feet to 20 feet for shallow foundation to pile foundation. Many new techniques in Best Interior Designing Courses in Chandigarh are taught based on this concept.

Machines used for digging are JCB up to 5 feet to 8 feet depth piling machines for piling foundation. Even manually it can be dug if the depth is less but its time consuming so for rapid work we use JCB. When we are digging using JCB the excavation will be three feet more than actually required for footing these three feet more is dug for the workability. Diploma in Interior Designing In Chandigarh can help you to learn much detailed on this. Then the area where footing is to be laid is marked leveled and compacted then PCC( plain cement concrete) is done over it steel is placed then shuttering is done before pouring the RCC(reinforced cement concrete). This method is for shallow foundation and for piling foundation piling is done till the hard strata is found then the steel is placed as designed the RCC is poured into it.

Once the excavation is done and completion of construction of footing the removed earth is filled back in to the pit and compacted by flooding it with water and tampering the earth if the removed earth is completely filled back after the compaction still there is required for filling excess earth is brought from out for filling the filling back of earth is known as refilling. Best Interior Designing Institute in Chandigarh involve research work on excavation in courses. Filling is depended on the ground level of the construction for new construction the ground level may not be same as existing ground level it may be more than existing ground level then we need to fill more earth than excavated so we have to get it from outside or the level may be less than the existing level then we have excess earth then we have to remove earth from site. Masters in Interior Designing In Chandigarh can help you to learn a lot on the same. If the level is same as the existing ground level then after refilling the entire earth we might require little as after compaction the level reduces. Here earth means soil.

Diploma in Interior Designing

Short term diploma in interior designing is one of the best option to excel your skills or giving refinements to your interior knowledge. We offers Diploma in interior designing as well as Advanced diploma in interior designing to go deep inside the interior designing world.

Diploma In Interior Designing
1 Year | 2 Years
Graduation | +2
Adv. Diploma In Interior Designing
1 Year | 2 Years
Graduation | +2

Degree in Interior Designing

Exploring your career  in interior designing can be proven future right decision for you. IIFD offers degree programs in interior designing to explore your skills. 3 Year Degree program in interior can be a best option to get to know everything about interior designing.

B.Sc In Interior Designing
3 Years
+2 or Equivalent.
M.Sc In Interior Designing
2 Years

Student Speaks

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really beyond the horizons of modern place to learn and grow ahead in career with dedicated learning & professional environment at IIFD. Thanks again.

Harleen Jain



i was in great fear before joining this institute but now secured my future after my placement in final year of Graduation course. It was really a hands up experience for me when i came to know that company really liked my collections made in last 2 year here. Thankyou IIFD Faculties. 🙂

Ashish Khurana



really hats off experience here.. Nice environment and very supportive to new new ideas &
projects.. thankyou is the right word to say.. :)))

Anshika Chaudhary



After 12th i was in doubt to go for interior designing course or not but it was my decision when i joined IIFD in 2015. Its really amazing for me to learn new things everyday & one of the huge plus is our practical learning & regular visits.. thanks Teachers. 🙂

Ankit Joshi

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